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The other day I was emailed a chinese proverb

The other day I was emailed the chinese proverb
“When someone shares something of value with you and you benifit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others”
In fact I related to this indirectly in the first chapter of my book” How to become happy and make others happy too” The chapter stresses the importance of” smiling” A smile is so important to giveand is so important for the recipient. it boosts their moral, helps to cheer them up. Then in turn they must smile and who will benifie as they have. praise their neighbour.
then the world becomes a happier place.
The whole world needs an appreciative smile. Think of who you can smile at and praise for even the smallest thing or deed done and you will see and receive a happy response. Start the chain rolling now and keep it rolling. You will win and so will all your loved ones and friends.

A golden thought

A golden thought

A golden thought comes to every ones mind,
When one is generous and one is kind.
A golden thought when bathed in sympathy,
Wishing to help and comfort those in misery.

A golden thought is needed to support and praise,
To uplift the downtrodden and their spirits to raise.
A golden thought is created when you see
The best in everyone and enjoy their company.

A golden thought it there when you hold another’s hand,
Giving love and care, showing you understand.
A golden thought comes when you sleep at night,
Determined tomorrow you will do good and put matters right.

A golden thought is when you come second in the race,
And you cheerfully congratulate the winner with a firm embrace.
A golden thought is when you let your loved ones know,
You love them dearly and keep telling them so.

A golden thought is when you see your enemy lies down to die,
You forgive him, bless him, kneel and pray and sadly cry.
Of golden thoughts in this world there is never enough,
That is why so many suffer, find the world cruel and the going tough.

Mankind is born with golden thoughts, if only he would let them flow,
Then brutality, unfairness, wickedness would vanish,
And the world’s heart with happiness would flow.

The maid wants a rise

I think you will find this funny. It usually goes well at my public readings.

The maid wants a rise

The housewife was upset, the maid had just asked for a rise,
On ly employed for a month so that was a suprise.
The wife said to Maria” Why do you want a pay increase?
If you dont give me a good reasdon your emplotment here will cease.”

The maid replied” Three good reasons i will give you
I iron better than , obvious and true”
The wife said “Who told you that?”
the maid said ” Your husband did” quite pat.

Reason two; I an a better cook than you,
I can cook anything and dont get in stew”
The angry housewife said ” Who imformed you of this?”
The maid replied” Your husband did, he said my cooking was bliss”

The third reason i am better in bed than you”
The furious housewife shouted” Did my husband tell you that two/”
The maid replied” No, on that thought do not dwell,
It was the gardner who told me I was swell.”

The maids request for a rise was a complete success,
The outcome of course you did not have to guess

The Laughing Poet

Hi, I am Terry Godwin of Rainham Kent ( Not Essex). This is my first attempt to blog. The reason I am blogging I have been told will be a good way to meet poets and those interested in poetry. I write rhyming poetry and have had several books published. As I am very intersted in humour my last book is called ” The Laughing Poet” a collection of jokes and humour put into verse. My other books contain poetry of romance, life and humour.
The latest book is a slight deviation from poetry. It is called ” How to be happy and make others happy to” It is in America now where my agent is seeking a publisher. I also chair “The Rainham Poetry group” reads in the Radio Room of the Sunlight Centre in Chatham every 4th Wed. of the month. You are welcome to come and join us. When I give my public readings I am, more often than not asked to bring along a good selection of my humerous poetry.
I love writing about everything. Well this is my opening shot. I look forward to hearing from like minds. thank you for being a good audience. look forward to hearing from you. Terry Godwin The Laughing Poet