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feeling depressed

When you are feeling depressed, come to the end of your rope,
tie a knot in it, hold on, round the corner is help, sympathy and hope.
Accept help, advice, love and you will cope.
You must think positive, smile and banish your mope.
Your future life like ours must be bonded to hope.
Get off your knees, dont bow to misery and grope.
Walk tall, think positive, smile and hold hands with vision and hope.

Do all the good you can

Hi, Hope you had a good day. In Kent, England it was 30 degrees. A bit hot for those who are not used to it.
Moving on. How to be happy.
In life
Do all the good you can,
In all the ways you can.
Forgive and love the best you can,
To all the world when you can,
Praise and encourage in anyway you can,
You will never be a lonely or unhappy man.

The volunteer organist

One of my favourite poems written by anon is called “The volunteer organist” It is about a rather high church holding service when the churh goers realise the organist hasn’t arrived. they are disturbed about the seemily disaster. Then from the back of the church a scruffy down and out vagabond walks up to the organ and sits down and plays the most wonderful and heavenly music which astounds everyone. At the end of the service he plays for an hour transfixing everyone in their seats. When finished he calmly gets up and walks away into the unknown. The rather snotty church goers realised that the world is often not what it seems, and that many people have gifts and talents that we ignore or do not explore or encourage. both they and the world are losers. We are all talented. It has to be encouraged. praising and listening will bring you joys you never expected. Make you new friends. Make you and your friends happier. Only you can do that. Only you can do that. Only you can do that. Do it now.

Make yourself happier

Make yourself happier.
When you are fed up with your job, justifyably or just bored, think of the millions of unemployed in this world who would give so much just to have a job, to have self respect, that they could support their family and not depend on others to survive. Give up their begging bowl for a weekly wage. Each day not knowing where their daily bread is coming from.
Of course you should always seek to better yourself, but dont give up your job until you know the next one is secure. Always make sure you are in the driving seat, not depending on promises from others.

How can I become happier

Hi, Are you still thinking ” How can I become happier”. Well stop right there. Action is what you must take. Happiness is a state of mind. It is you who must take a positive view to make your self happier and on the way make others happy too.
Are you thinking to much about your problems? Yes they must be considered. BUT IN WHAT CONTEXT. Are they urgent?. Can you ask others for help ? Will you accept help and advice?
Are you thinking of the positive side of the matters involved? How do they affect others?
Think of the good things in life you have, the loved ones who support and depend on you.
Think of the millions on this earth who are worse of than you. Build yourself confidence up to face the world. Is your problem really bad. What is the worst outcome if it happens. Maybe for the better ? THINK POSITIVE , THINK POSITIVE, THINK POSITIVE. Smile and look at the brighter things to come. Easy to say, yes, but so important to do.
Sit down with paper and pen, list the good things in your life, your wonderful friends and loved ones, your propects, even if the worst should happen. The end result will then seem bearable.

Return from Holiday

Hi, On my return from holiday I had a telephone call in to say a lady at one of my readings bought my book” How to become happy and make others too” She bought it for her Mum and Dad who were always squabbling. I have read the book and combined with your talk I suggested to Mum to read it, if she approved, suggest to Dad that they read it together to save their marraige. It took a week for Dad to accept the idea. After a fortnight their was a considerable improvement in their relationship. Neither criticises or nags. Dad is begining to praise and thank mum for what she does for. Still away to go, and I have emphasized this change of life must be continued for ever if they want to be happy together.
Dad is thinking about sending one to his friend anonymously. My action and your words of wisdom have saved a situation of a family break up providing my parents keep it up.
Thank you. I shall tell my friends about your book.
Mrs P. came to my reading at Tonbridge.
One of the pleasures I get is when I hear the book has brought happiness to some one. At my readings I do invite comments and ask if anyone benefits could they write and let me know. Very few will bother so when i get a phone call like that I treasure it. Wouldn’t you.