Monthly Archives: July 2010

You Can Be Happy

Before you complain about your partner, your loved one, your friend, imagine if you had no one beside you at all. So many people in this world are truly alone and would be delighted just to have someone to talk to.
All arguments can and must be healed quickly before they become monsters and ruin your life. Many wars are started on the smallest row. resulting in death, carnage and all the horrors of war. Even if you are wrong, think big, say you are sorry sincerely, and you will see your enemy become your friend.
Never go to bed with a quarrel on the boil.  Kiss and make up, life is to short to fight. It takes two to quarrel. Happiness is a state of mind. YOU CAN BE HAPPY OR YOU CAN BE MISERABLE.
You must think positive that you want to be happy. You must decide what you regard as happiness, then go for it.