Monthly Archives: October 2010

The miners in Chile are being saved

Hello , Isn’t it great to hear that the miners in Chile are being saved, instead of the continuing world disasters such as the flooding in Pakistan, the red sludge in Bulgaria, the oil leak off America by B.P.  Disasters that will take years to recover if ever. In little old England we now have floods because we have climate change and we have not built drains big enough or the flood waters come in from another direction because of the climate change. We now have wild fires in Russia, always a problem in Australia. Mother Nature will always win.

The human race must help those who are in trouble now.  Tomorrow can be too late.  Tomorrow it can be our turn.  We must all think positive because it will be our attitude and resolve that will help us to continue to live on this world.

I have written many poems about being positive.  If you have written a poem about being positive and you would like your poetry read out in our radio room in the Sunlight Centre in Chatham Kent, send them to me at  I am having a personal website being created at this moment of time, which tells you all about my poetry and the Rainham Poetry Group. If you have thoughts in these matters and want to send them to me, please do so.  If you want to read poetry in our radio room, contact me and I will make the necessary arrangements.