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Lucky Me

On a T.V. programme I recently watched when I saw Ronnie Barker being awarded his Bafta supported by Ronnie Corbit and David Jason, three of the best and most famous British comedy stars, at the end of the ceremony Daid Jason gave a thank you to everyone who had help him in his career.

Each thankyou was prefaced by I was so lucky……. to be given this opportunity etc. He was sincere and grateful.

If we all sat back in quiet reflection and say to ourselves—–

Wasn’t I lucky to be born in England, the land of the free.

Wasn’t I lucky to have a loving family.

Wasn’t I lucky to be born healthy and wth a good mind.

Wasn’t I lucky to have the support of the National Health Service most of my life.

Wasn’t I lucky to have the police and army to look after me. Wasn’t I lucky to have an elected Govt. to care for me.

Wasn’t I lucky that neither my family or me will starve or have no roof over my head.

Millions of people cannot get clean water to drink, an aspiren or any medical attention. We take all our “LUCK” for grantage or our right.

We complain like hell if the bus is late or the T.V. breaks down,

Yes we are lucky, so lets remember that, and be ready to help others when they need our support.

Words of wisdom

Always ask a busy man when you want a job done well,
the others haven’t got the time.
Wise men talk because they have something wise to say,
fools talk because they must say something.
Two men trod the way of life,
the first with downcast eye.
The second with an eager face
up lifted to the sky.
He who gazed upon the ground,
thought it dull and grey.
But he who looked into the stars
went merrily singing on his way.

Freedom of Speech

Millions on this Earth do not enjoy the freedom we do in the British Isles. We hear about China, N.Korea, most Muslim countries, where government forces or the nations over bearing and intolerant regulations rule the day. A minor step out of line and your life and family could be doomed.

You do not have to wonder why so many immigrants want to enjoy our freedom of speech and our generosity. However watch the growth of the Muslims in our society.Read their religious doctrines and you will see their is no room for anyone who does not conform wholeheartedly to their ideals.

There is an old saying “Choose your parents wisely” Now we should add on ” Choose your country or religion if you value freedom of thought and speech”

I am not a politician, just a man in the street. I will not be on this earth in 10 years time, but I do hope and pray my sons and offspring will enjoy the freedom of speech I  had to fight for against the Nazis and millions gave up their lives for.