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Being happy will make you successful.

Last Saturday evening I tuned into a radio program called “ What is happiness” which I found facinating. One of the speakers was a headmaster of a well known school and made the following comment which I think is very important. He said his school five years ago put onto their corriculum the subject “ How to be happy and self reliant”. His school prepares students for the exams into university. Five years ago the average pass rate was sixty percent, now it is over ninety percent.

Being happy makes you confident, positive and no doubt ambitious.

You learn to ride the ups and downs of life. It is not difficult to become happy, but you must be determined and keep at it, e.g. smile, smile, smile, and keep smiling..

My recent book” How to be happy “ sets out in simple terms the actions you must take to get to this state. The advice given is tried and tested since time and man began.

A great decision.

A great decision.

We at the Medway Towns have been struck a heavy blow,
We are to lose one of our dignitaries, that is regretfully so.
We have been informed by the press, by wireless and television,
We are to lose a great man of statue and vision.

The Bishop of Rochester Dr. Michael Nazir Ali has made a decision of import,
He feels passionately his energies elsewhere are sought.
He wishes to devote his time in helping the persecuted Christians in Pakistan and Iran,
To give them support, encouragement and make conversions where he can.

The Bishop’s opinions and views are listened to with care,
He will voice his thoughts where others should, but do not dare.
He is a great Christian and wants the entire world to be Christians too,
He would like to coerce the non believers to see his point of view.

He is prepared to give up high office, its privileges and grace,
To go into the wilderness and meet non Christians face to face.
With his determination, charisma, courage and charm,
He wants everyone to enjoy the care of being in the cradle of God’s loving arms.

In his high office as bishop he has received many a death threat,
Because others don’t like the uncomfortable truths which upset.
He greets you with a smile and enchants you with his quiet persuasive way,
You regret when he has left you, you then realise you wanted him to stay.

What ever your persuasion, you know a man like this is hard to find,
Who makes such a personal sacrifice to win over the unbelievers of mankind.
The world is an ever changing place, for good or bad,
The loss of our dear bishop will make many others needing his comfort glad.

Dear Michael, Bishop of Rochester with full hearts we wish you well,
And pray the Good Lord will be with you and help to bring much happiness to those
who come under your spell.

Presented to The Rev’d Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali
Bishop of Rochester
By Terry Godwin The Laughing Poet
On the occasion of The Gillingham and Rainham Conservatives farewell dinner
on behalf of his many admirers and supporters in the Medway Towns.
We all wish you every success in your future endeavours.






British M.P. sent to prison

The British have come to expect that those we put in power to run the country for us should not exploit us with their expense claims. Our faith in out M.P.s is at an all time low. Some more will follow. We expect to be able to trust our rulers, our future and safty is in their hands. In the past M.P.s have been arrogent in these matters. Their pension fund is extremely benifical to themselves. There are so many countries whose rulers help themselves to their nations funds, or fiddle the taxes, or cream off donations sent to the poor and needy. There is so much corruption in the common market. A few years ago our Lord Kinnock was given the task of cleaning up corruption in the E.C.C. where it was blatant. I believe in the 3 years he was in charge, he never prosecuted one case. Millions of pounds were involved. For his efforts at getting no results he became a lord. Does that sound odd? Sadly bribery and corruption is a way of life in the world. My personal feeling it will get worse as new ways are found to cheat us. Heigh Ho, lets think of the good and happy things in life.