Monthly Archives: February 2011


May you have love to share,
Friends that chat and care,
Good health to spare.
That your troubles will be few,
pray pain and heartache will avoid you,
and much happiness and content
will be your due.

An attitude of mind.

Life has its good times and bad, its ups and downs.
When you are in a hard one, a sad one, think positive.
Keep your cool, practise serenity, think of the good things in your life.
You still have your loved ones, your friends, your hobbies,
Listen to relaxing music, read a book of humour.
Imagine the good times that must come and make you happy again.
Think positive, smile, tell your dearest that you love them,
They in turn will love and comfort you.
Chinese proverb. Wait it out, nothing lasts forever, but think positive and make
ever become shorter.

They died for your freedom.

Two young students were thrusting leaflets into every passers by hand.
One old lady ignored them and passed by. One student dashed after her and said” Don’t you care that our soldiers are killing innocent men?”.
She turned on him and said” My father was killed in the last great war fighting Hitler, my husband died fighting the Taliban, my son was killed by thugs who were beating up old people. All died so you could have political freedom to mouth your obscene garbage about our soldiers still fighting to protect you.
If you don’t leave me alone and fast I will stick my umbrella up you and open it”
The young man beat it. Our freedom of speech has been fought for, we still have to fight for it, and pay sometimes a very heavy price. We have it, safe guard. Millions around the world envy it.