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Other People’s Problems


Other people’s problems and troubles do not ignore,

One day they could be knocking at your door.

Show an encouraging spirit, offer a helping hand,

Give council and friendship, show you understand.


Other people’s problems, should they involve you,

Could you help them, even if you wanted to?

Could you ease their burden if you tried?

Don’t look away, and cross over to the other side.


Of course you have your problems and daily cares,

A little help, a friendly smile will lighten our burdensome affairs.

Showing those in trouble that they are not alone,

May help to forget troubles of your own.



We can be too busy with our own lives and  ignore some  other persons problem, when a little help or comfort would be most welcome.

Helping now may be a stitch in time to save nine, or it could be disastrous

for both of you if it spreads.

Being Happy Will Make You Successful.



Last Saturday evening I tuned into a radio program called “ What is happiness” which I found facinating.  One of the speakers was a headmaster of a well known school and made the following comment which I think is very important. He said his school five years ago put onto their corriculum the subject “  How to be happy and self reliant”. His school prepares students for the exams into university. Five years ago the average pass rate was sixty percent, now it is over ninety percent.

Being happy  makes you confident, positive and no doubt ambitious.

You learn to ride the ups and downs of life. It is not difficult to become happy, but you must be determined and keep at it, e.g. smile, smile, smile, and keep smiling..

My recent book” How to be happy “ sets out in simple terms the actions you must take to get to this state. The advice given is tried and tested since time and man began.


Beautiful People

Beautiful people are born, or are accidents of nature,
beautiful old people are works of art created out of the harshness of life and have learnt to give of their best, to care and love the world.

When You Get Angry

When you get angry, stop and think,anger is one letter short of danger.Why risk it? Sleep on it. Discuss it with friends who have no personal  interest in your anger . tomorrow will be different and better.

To control yourself use your handle others use your heart when it is warm.

Our Going Out Face


When you put on a smile with your going out face,

You can sure it will be welcome in every place.

When you pass a stranger they will smile back at you,

Some outgoing ones will say “How do you do.”


A smiling face the whole world loves to see,

It is a sign of happiness and glee.

When they open the door and see your smiling face,

You become someone they wish to embrace.


Accompanying your smile with a little action and care,

To a lady when opening the door why not declare,

Letting her through first say “Beauty before the beast”

Her response will be a smile or kind thank you at least.


It always works wonders I can assure you,

Every woman desires to be told she is beautiful, that’s true.

In any situation when you see someone looking sad, down and out,

Say “It might never happen” you will receive a happy response

without doubt.


Your going out face embracing a happy smile,

To those you touch will make living seem worthwhile.

It will make you feel good, encourage your efforts every day,

It costs you nothing to create happiness and give it away.