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Count your blessings , not your woes

Count your friends, be benevolent to your foes.

Count your courage, forget your fears

Count your smiles, wash away your tears.

Count your good health, work hard to stay fit

Count your determination, maintain your true grit.

Count your marriage and make it work through

Count your children as your blessing too.

Count your happiness, indeed you are a lucky man

Be positive, smile, enjoy life as only you can.



Daddy, I do love you….

This little story I was told recently by a dear friend,
It carries a message we all sometime in our lives will comprehend.
It tells of a father and his pretty five year old daughter.
He chastised her severely for wasting money like water.

She had bought expensive gold wrapping paper when money was tight,
He explained “Buying gold paper is a luxuary in hard times and is not right.
Then on Christmas day she wrapped a box with the gold paper around it,
When he opened it, it was empty, he did not like that a bit.

He again chastised his daughter explaining you do not give boxes of nothing as a present,
People receiving such a gift will wonder what is your dubious intent.
The little girl broke down and cried her heart out,
“Daddy, the box was not empty, you don’t know what it is all about.

I filled it full of kisses, they are all meant for you,
It is because I love you so much, yes I truly do”
Daddy was shattered, humbled, did not know what to say,
He kissed his daughter on the forehead and knelt down to pray.

“ Dear Lord, please ask my loving daughter to forgive me because I was so wrong,
Tell her , her loving gift will make our love become even more strong.
Sadly the little girl died three months later in a motor car accident,
Daddy kept that box by his bedside until his life was spent.

Whenever he felt down or sad, he would open the box and take out a kiss,
It would revitalise his spirits, her magic would give him bliss. The moral of this story is simple and so very plain to see,
Always treasure the love of your friends and family.
They will be there in your hour of need,
They are a must if you wish to be happy and succeed.


Apache Wedding Prayer

“ Now you will feel no rain,


For each of you will be the shelter for the other.


Now you will feel no cold,


For each of you will be warmth for the other.


Now there will be no more loneliness


For now you are two persons,


But there is only one life before you.


Go now to your dwelling


To enter into the days of your life together.


And may your days be good


And long upon this earth.”


All Apaches knew that in marriage they must do


Everything with “good in tent.”