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Love And Happiness

                                      Love and happiness


With happiness comes love, contentment and confidence and the enjoyment of life. When you are in love and loved too, that can be one of the happiest times of your life.

If you have a partner, a loved one, make a fuss of them. Let them know you love them, and keep telling them and they will love you even more. Do it with sincerity, little gestures of consideration, and thanks.  Once you start you must keep it going as long as you want their love.  We must all nurture love and friendship which leads to happiness.

Love is important in everyone’s life. it gives us a reason for living and to enjoy life and make others happy too.

Parents love to their children creates happiness when demonstrated, and creates confidence in their children and strengthens the bond of family love and togetherness. Happy children are more successful in this world who have caring and loving parents. They too when they marry will create happy families.  Your family love will bring more joy into this world.

Young people seeking marriage or partners must present a happy side of their personality in order to attract someone they desire.

Happiness will not just turn up on your doorstep, you must play an active part in love and ensuring its continuity.




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Thoughts Sent To Me To Share With You All

Thoughts sent to me to share with you all

Be soft,

Do not let the world make you hard.

Don’t let pain make you hate.

Do not let bitterness sour your sweetness.

Take pride, walk tall, even if the world does not agree with you.

Always believe the world is a wonderful place.


Yesterday is history

Tomorrow is mystery

Today is a gift.

That’s why it’s called the present.


Some people come into our lives and quickly go.

Some become friends and stay awhile,

Leaving beautiful footprints on our hearts,

And we are a better person because we have made a good friend.


                             Somebody is thinking of you…..

Somebody is thinking of you, someone is caring about you.

Someone misses you, someone wants to hold your hand.

Someone prays you are not in trouble or pain or despair.

Someone wants you to be happy and to be happy with you. Some loves you…


Never ignore someone who loves you. One day you might wake up and find you have lost something precious that is irreplaceable which comforted you, protected you, made life bearable and now leaves a hole in your heart. In your hour of need they would stand by your side. Not many will do that for you. Respect and treasure them even if you cannot return their love.



You have to fight through some of the worst days of your life to earn some of the best days of your life. Happiness comes and goes as life passes and situations change. Happiness is when the mind determines the world is a happy place for it to enjoy. These happy phases add sweetness to life. Accept they will not last for ever, but adapt to life as changes occur. Always think positive, remember the good things in life you have enjoyed, and the good things ahead. There are always many people worse off than you.

Irish Luck

Irish Luck and Best Wishes

May there always be work for your hands to do,

May the sun always shine on your window pane.

May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain.

May the hand of a friend always be near you.

May you be in heaven 30 minutes  before the devil knows you are dead.

Treasure kith, kin, love, true friends more than gold,

 They will be there when you are in need and grow old.

A smile is a sign of joy, a hug a sign of love,

A laugh is a sign of happiness and content.

Love is wonderful to receive, so warming to give.

Open your heart, think positive, and let happiness in.

Make happy talk, and you will attract happiness to you.


The Power Of Word

The blind man sat on the church step in the market square,

With a piece of  cardboard displaying he was there.



He sat down at ten ,two hours later his support was very small,

The  public was not responding  to his charity call.

A smartly dressed lady stopped and assessed the position,

How to help this old man? Yes, she made her decision.

She lent down to the old man and said” I have just changed your board,

Will be back in two hours, let’s hope the public aboard.

When she returned the blind man had a big smile on his face,

His can was full, he was discreetly putting money in another place.

The lady said, “ My, you do seemed to have done very well.”

The blind replied”  Thank you dear lady, your magic words please tell.”



                                    THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS”

Your new appeal has gone to the public’s heart,

It struck home and made them a donation part.

Change your words with the other person in mind

You will change your life into a better one you will find.

In Your Play

In your play, in your work and courting too,

walk tall, smile, think positive, treat everyone the way

you would want them to treat you.

You will achieve happiness, contentment, and friendship

most sincere, dependable and true.                                                                          

If you have heard this all before and wondered why,

you have not got what you wanted, now is the time to try!!

With a happy mind and a positive point of view,

you have the best chance in succeeding in what you want to do.

If you strive to win, accept graciously you can lose,

It is only fate who can pick and choose.

We are sorry this time you lost—no shame,

Make sure you know why, then be positive, try again.

Few win at the first throw of the dice,

If we all did wouldn’t that make life comfortable and nice.