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Two Dragons In Your Heart

Old Chinese story, survived from long ago,

Grandfather telling his grandson how to avoid woe.

“There are two dragons in every ones heart,

One, full of love, kindness, praise and much joy it does impart.

The other is full of revenge, bitterness and hate,

He loves no one, no one loves him in that state.”

The grandson asks” Which one will be happy? Not him!!  

 Surely life will be lonely, sour and grim. ”The elder said ,                                 

The dragon that will win is the one who is fed,                                                                  

With happiness, kindness, encouragement and can forgive.                               

It gives the benefactor and the receiver a reason to live.                                        

The way we respond to the world and the happiness we put in,                 

Treat our loved ones, our neighbours, all life, be forgiving with sin.              

The Dragon that can forgive, love, encourage, praise will happiness win,         

It is said the gods will be keen when it is time to welcome him in.”              

The grandson thought and said,” If the Gods created and made man,         

Why did they place the unhappy dragon in mankind when they could it ban?”           

“Wise men have pondered the Gods action all their learned lives,                         

The man who can come up with the answer will be hailed as one of the wisest of the wise.”

Remember when the time comes

The following statments are obvious but one should not ignore them. if so they do at they peril or loss. Read them, absorb them, place them into your memory bank. When the situation comes up, then these two pieces of advice will be of great value.

Love is on the lips of many, but in the hearts  of few.

Before two halves can become whole, each part must be complete.