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Daddy, when will I see Mummy again?

It was to be the worst day and night of my life,
My family and I lost our precious mother and wonderful wife.
She died in a car crash aged only thirty seven,
I had to tell my two young sons she had gone to heaven.
Molly was driving in the car in the evening all alone,
A young drunken driver smashed into her still holding a phone.
She must have been killed instantly was on the coroner’s report,
The driver survived, lost a leg ,banned from driving ,his favourite sport.
Life must go on, my young sons Peter, aged five, John aged seven,
Soon both knew that mother had died and gone to heaven.
Peter pitifully cried” Dad when we ever see mother again?”
It would shatter me, my tears I would have to restrain.
It took six months for Peter to accept he would not meet Mother again on this earth,
He would have to wait a long time before he would meet the lady who gave him birth.
Peter soon learnt how to grab my undivided attention,
“ Daddy when will I see Mummy again?” was all he had to mention.
I would lift Peter up and put him gently on my lap,
He would place his head on my shoulder ,sobbing , take a short nap.
The two of us would dream of happy days remembering mother’s happy
How she made a happy home with her feminine charm and female guile.
It took six months before Peter accepted his mother he would not see again,
I was so grateful when he stopped ,it was driving me insane.
Every year when we remember the demise of our darling mother and wife,
I can always hear Peters plaintiff cry” Daddy when will we see mother again”
Every time I heard it, I felt my heart had been stabbed with a sharp knife.
Both my sons are teenagers now looking for a life and love of their own,
I pray they each find a woman who’s love will the loss of their mother atone.

Author Notes

A reader having read my book “How to become happy” rang me up and told me of this part of his life, and wished he had known me when he was in low dispair, having lost his wife, and struggling to bring up two small boys. I created this poem on the story he told me for which he thanked me.