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The Art

The Art of Building and Holding a Happy Marriage Together.
Happiness in a marriage is not something that just happens, it must be created, nurtured and continuously caressed and blessed.
In the Art of Marriage:
You must say “I love you” from the heart once a day.
You are never too old to hold hands and kiss.
Never take your loved one for granted.
The little things are as important as the big ones.
You must both build a capacity to love and forgive.
You must both stand together when facing the world.
It is sharing ones love, ambitions, dreams and humour.
Sharing the same faith can be so important.
Give each other room to move and express their free spirit.
Always speak well and praise your loved ones and family.
Establish a bond in which independence is equal and mutual.
Just as important as it is to marry the right partner, it is just as important being the right partner.
Happy marriages produce happy families and happiness.
So often divorced families children marry and divorce.

An Eden of Happiness

The still of the night broken by the trickle of a stream,
The radiant beams of a bright moon enticing you to dream.
The rising sun glowing slow, producing our life giving daylight,
It heralds a new day, bids farewell to the departing night.
The bright new dawn starts another glittering day,
Life on earth will now start to work, love and play.
Mankind must till the soil, feed the young, care for the old,
Some must provide, teach, nurse, guard our society, remain bold.
The world rises every day to go forth , work, play and smile,
Everyday someone passes a new test or overcomes a new trial.
Each of us have but a short stay on this wonderful earth,
Let each of us contribute a little happiness, joy and mirth.
Spread kindness, support, praise, encourage, inspire wherever we can,
Our world would become an ”Eden of Happiness” enjoyed by every woman and man.

These Thoughts

thoughts have just come to me and I think they should be passed on.

I believe

That even
when you think you have no more to give, when a friend or love one calls for
help you will find that extra strength to help.

That you can
do something in an instant, good or bad, that will affect you for life.

That you
should always leave a loved one with love, care and warmth, you might never see
them again

That two
people can look at the same thing and see a different picture.

That no
matter how your heart was broken the world does not stop to share your grief.

That our
background and personal circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we
are responsible for whom  we become.

That maturity
and wisdom is dependent on your life’s experiences rather than how old you are.

That the
more love you give the world the more love you will get back.

That heroes
are the people who do what has to be done, when it needs to be done regardless
of the consequences.

That the
happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they simply
make the best of everything they have.

Pride And Egoism


This blog set out below emphasises
the importance of one’s pride and egoism. Most in their hearts like to feel
they can do a job well if they set themselves a standard and strive to attain
the standard they have set. We want to be as good as our neighbour, or better.
We need incentives, inspiration, praise and encouragement to get the best out
of us, which in turn makes the world a better place to live in.  Remember pride and egoism covers the
materialistic needs of our lives. It is still is love, care, praise and
encouragement that will always make life happy, enjoyable and worth living.