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Ladies Beware

Husbands are like fires, you don’t let the flame go out.
Or one morning you will wake up and they will not be about.
Mother Nature ordains a lady will catch her man,
A man is born to succumb to the love and sex of a woman.

A man’s ego lets him think he is leading the lover’s race,
The lady knows she will decide if he stays at her base.
A lady must remember when she set him on fire,
To keep him she must frequently stoke his desire.

Ladies want to be attractive and retain their youth,
The man has a roving eye and that is the truth.
A woman’s first love is her family, that is the name of the game,
Some men are passionate all their lives without shame.

Some ladies in their marital life give much more than they receive,
It is the harmony of their family life they achieve.
So ladies always keep your man happy, especially in bed,
Otherwise another will entice him into her homestead.

This is going on all the time, solicitors will tell you with glee,
Because of infidelity in marriage they charge a huge fee.
So ladies make that extra effort and keep your man content,
Keep away from divorce, it is a soul destroying event.

Author Notes

One of my fans asked me to write on divorce. She seemed pleased with it, I hope you will be too