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God for a day


If I was God for a day, what would I do?

If I was God for a day, I would have to think it through.

I would cure those sick and ill, in agony and pain,

Make them strong so they will not become poorly again.

I must create love in all men’s hearts so they will not fight,

Install in them justice so they will do all things right.

To make men believe all women and men are equal,

If they don’t, devastating wars will always be the sequel.

Many of man’s problems are created by men’s greed,

They care not for those they trample on to succeed.

I would place more power on the gentler female,

Their ambitions on others do not wish to impale.

Men must be competitive, that is the name of the game,

They must be strong so evil they can overcome and tame.

In one day to install love kindness, justice and tolerance

Into mankind, not even God Almighty would stand a chance.

God has taken a long time to create this world this far,

It is still not perfect even with his miraculous star.

Proud to Be British

I will tell you a story which in essence is true,
It is a trifle long, I hope it will please you.
I was going to Cyprus to enjoy my holiday,
I sat in my seat, I was flying with B.A.
A moment later ten  British Army youngsters surrounded me,
They were flying to Cyprus on a training schedule you see.
They were on their way to fight in Afghanistan,
In three weeks’ time they would be fighting in that foreign land.
All were just eighteen, never been to war before,
They all knew in Afghanistan hell could be the score.
The stewardess came round taking orders for lunch,
I ordered mine, I was on holiday, I fancied a tasty brunch.
The young soldiers all broke, said” Not today thank you,
We will wait till we get to our barracks for our next brew”.
That could be at least another six hours to go,
Young hungry soldiers would not like that we all know.
I got up and walked to the back of the plane,
Gave the stewardess a fifty pound note and to explain,
That was for the soldiers to get lunch and coffee.
She replied” God bless you sir, I wish I could give it to them free”
When our brave boys knew what I had done,
The smiles on their faces, their thanks , cheered everyone.
After the meal the captain came down the aisle to talk to me,
He boomed out” I have come to thank you for your generosity,
In supporting our brave soldiers in their hour of need,
An army marches on its stomach , you certainly did succeed”
The captain called for three cheers, it made my heart swell,
Someday this story to my grandchildren I will tell.
When I went to the toilet a passenger took my hand,
Said” Here’s  £25 I would like to join you, hope you understand”
For the rest of the flight the passengers treated me like a king,
Donations flowed in, I had £200 before the plane started its landing.
The passengers appreciated our soldiers were putting their lives on the line,
Only fate would decide who would die, be injured, or come home fine.
I handed the money over to the corporal in charge and said,
“Spend it gentlemen, enjoy yourselves while you are alive not dead”
There was a tear in his eye when he slowly replied,
“It is not the money but you care is what counts,
That our lives mean so much to you is of paramount.
What our future is on the front line none of us know,
But this day we will not forget, “ We are proud to be British and you support today sets our hearts aglow”

I am in love

My heart is yours,

My love I cannot deny.

“Yes I am a lucky man,”

From the roof tops I cry.

I look into your eyes,

I hold your hand,

My heart beats with joy,

I feel simply grand.

I see your smile,

It brings me delight,

I hear your voice,

The world is bright.

When I hear you sing,

I walk on air,

When you kiss and caress,

Nothing else can compare.

I am in love, I am in love,

I know you love me.

When we are wed, become one,

I will be blessed with ecstasy.

I walk and dance with joy and pride,

Knowing you will be forever be my bride.