God for a day


If I was God for a day, what would I do?

If I was God for a day, I would have to think it through.

I would cure those sick and ill, in agony and pain,

Make them strong so they will not become poorly again.

I must create love in all men’s hearts so they will not fight,

Install in them justice so they will do all things right.

To make men believe all women and men are equal,

If they don’t, devastating wars will always be the sequel.

Many of man’s problems are created by men’s greed,

They care not for those they trample on to succeed.

I would place more power on the gentler female,

Their ambitions on others do not wish to impale.

Men must be competitive, that is the name of the game,

They must be strong so evil they can overcome and tame.

In one day to install love kindness, justice and tolerance

Into mankind, not even God Almighty would stand a chance.

God has taken a long time to create this world this far,

It is still not perfect even with his miraculous star.

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