Do You Want To Know?…

We live our lives from day today,

We handle the ups and downs best we may

The wise plan ahead to keep misery away,

Encouraging all society from the good path not to stray.


Do you want to know what fate has in store for you?

He has the final say in whatever you decide to do.

Would you mind knowing when your dearest will die?

In an accident? ”Not fair,” I hear you with passion cry.


If the world knew what Fate held in hand for them,

Would we accept it calmly or go into mayhem?

Think deep, is it better we live in peace,happiness and content,

Because we do not know when it will be our time to lament.


Not knowing, enjoying life, is how our life should be spent.

Trying to create happiness on earth we should never relent.

We must always think the future will be bright for mankind,

Not to be burdened knowing as and when our lives could be

curtailed or redefined.            


Enjoy today, share your dream, laugh and smile,

Make your short stay on earth happy and worthwhile

Fate may decide what clothes you wear and where you will abide,

It will be your mind only on the raft of joy on earth you ride.

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