Magic at Three-Thirty Please

Magic at Three –Thirty P.M. Please!

( Adults Only Please)

I had been married to Ted for over fifty years,

We had shared many joys, shed a few tears.

Ted had always been an enthusiastic lover, full of care,

Devoted to the family, making us a loving pair.

We live alone in our own house, children have flown the nest,

We encouraged them thinking it was for their best.

We are both healthy and keep ourselves in good trim,

We are well off, our happiness was full to the brim.

About three years I got fed up with sex and passion,

I quite firmly stopped sex to Ted’s frustration.

Within a month I felt Ted had accepted this situation.

He became a lot cooler, seemed full of reservation.

He remained kind, courteous, caring, attententive to the last,

But I knew the warmth that had fired us together in the past,

That happy union was becoming dissipated fast.

I had become fed up with sex when I wanted to sleep,

The aura of a passionate wife I no longer wanted to keep.

Six months later Ted and I went on a holiday together,

We got confined to the hotel because of inclement weather.

We had decided to stay in the bedroom and watch television,

To us both this turned out to be a great decision.

We watched the romantic film” Singing in the Rain,”

Ted produced a bottle of wine for us to drain.

We drew the curtains and lay together on the bed,

We drank a little wine, then on the film concentrated.

After an hour I cuddled up to my husband,

I stroked his thigh and held his hand.

Ted was reluctant to respond, I guessed why,

To relight his passion I felt I must try.

I said” Ted, in this romantic situation plus a little wine,

To have sex with my true love would be divine.”

Ted replied” I feel sexy and ready to go,

But I will not become your sexy gigolo.”

Kate said” Let’s see if we can bring back our passion again,

We have nothing to lose, everything to gain.

In future let us have sex in the afternoon,

To see if we can play our old loving and happy tune.”

Half an hour later ted got up from the bed,

Drew the curtain, shut the T.V. and said,

“What was it like for you, it was great for me.”

Kate replied” The most wonderful time for me is half past three.

You have reminded me of what I have been missing you see.

I want you in my arms loving and caressing me,

I reached a climax and heaven swept over me.”

From then on every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon,

They drew the curtains, played the music, sipped some wine and soon,

They are making love, giving of their best very best endeavour,

Ensuring their deep love for each other would be for ever and ever.



Doctors say the longer couples can enjoy active sex it will keep

them happier and healthier much longer in their lives, and help to

ward off many illnesses that older people get.


Author Notes

This story is taken from notes of a past patient. A blog in poetic form

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