Farewell my darling wife, farewell

I stand alone by her grave, And watch the sun go down.
I lost my love ten days ago, We dressed her in her final gown.
Her serene face hid her final pain,
She smiled, pressed my hand as she passed away.
I would not see her loving eyes again,
When Death took her, it made my saddest day.

Death taking her relieved her of cruel agony,
She had an incurable cancer in her chest.
In her last six months she withered, became boney,
Often in great pain ,she smiled and always gave of her best.
She had many friends and admirers too,
In her life time she did a lot of charity work with zest, It was here her many friendships grew.

I now stand here and contemplate my loss,
She created happiness and freely gave her love and care.
She was my love, my friend, my wife, my boss,
She would want me to smile and create happiness everywhere.
I know I must follow the path she trod,
It will give me a reason for living and making the world a happier place.
It will uplift my spirits, take me closer to God.
I am determined to present to the world a happy and smiling face.


Magic at Three-Thirty Please

Magic at Three –Thirty P.M. Please!

( Adults Only Please)

I had been married to Ted for over fifty years,

We had shared many joys, shed a few tears.

Ted had always been an enthusiastic lover, full of care,

Devoted to the family, making us a loving pair.

We live alone in our own house, children have flown the nest,

We encouraged them thinking it was for their best.

We are both healthy and keep ourselves in good trim,

We are well off, our happiness was full to the brim.

About three years I got fed up with sex and passion,

I quite firmly stopped sex to Ted’s frustration.

Within a month I felt Ted had accepted this situation.

He became a lot cooler, seemed full of reservation.

He remained kind, courteous, caring, attententive to the last,

But I knew the warmth that had fired us together in the past,

That happy union was becoming dissipated fast.

I had become fed up with sex when I wanted to sleep,

The aura of a passionate wife I no longer wanted to keep.

Six months later Ted and I went on a holiday together,

We got confined to the hotel because of inclement weather.

We had decided to stay in the bedroom and watch television,

To us both this turned out to be a great decision.

We watched the romantic film” Singing in the Rain,”

Ted produced a bottle of wine for us to drain.

We drew the curtains and lay together on the bed,

We drank a little wine, then on the film concentrated.

After an hour I cuddled up to my husband,

I stroked his thigh and held his hand.

Ted was reluctant to respond, I guessed why,

To relight his passion I felt I must try.

I said” Ted, in this romantic situation plus a little wine,

To have sex with my true love would be divine.”

Ted replied” I feel sexy and ready to go,

But I will not become your sexy gigolo.”

Kate said” Let’s see if we can bring back our passion again,

We have nothing to lose, everything to gain.

In future let us have sex in the afternoon,

To see if we can play our old loving and happy tune.”

Half an hour later ted got up from the bed,

Drew the curtain, shut the T.V. and said,

“What was it like for you, it was great for me.”

Kate replied” The most wonderful time for me is half past three.

You have reminded me of what I have been missing you see.

I want you in my arms loving and caressing me,

I reached a climax and heaven swept over me.”

From then on every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon,

They drew the curtains, played the music, sipped some wine and soon,

They are making love, giving of their best very best endeavour,

Ensuring their deep love for each other would be for ever and ever.



Doctors say the longer couples can enjoy active sex it will keep

them happier and healthier much longer in their lives, and help to

ward off many illnesses that older people get.


Author Notes

This story is taken from notes of a past patient. A blog in poetic form

Do You Want To Know?…

We live our lives from day today,

We handle the ups and downs best we may

The wise plan ahead to keep misery away,

Encouraging all society from the good path not to stray.


Do you want to know what fate has in store for you?

He has the final say in whatever you decide to do.

Would you mind knowing when your dearest will die?

In an accident? ”Not fair,” I hear you with passion cry.


If the world knew what Fate held in hand for them,

Would we accept it calmly or go into mayhem?

Think deep, is it better we live in peace,happiness and content,

Because we do not know when it will be our time to lament.


Not knowing, enjoying life, is how our life should be spent.

Trying to create happiness on earth we should never relent.

We must always think the future will be bright for mankind,

Not to be burdened knowing as and when our lives could be

curtailed or redefined.            


Enjoy today, share your dream, laugh and smile,

Make your short stay on earth happy and worthwhile

Fate may decide what clothes you wear and where you will abide,

It will be your mind only on the raft of joy on earth you ride.

God for a day


If I was God for a day, what would I do?

If I was God for a day, I would have to think it through.

I would cure those sick and ill, in agony and pain,

Make them strong so they will not become poorly again.

I must create love in all men’s hearts so they will not fight,

Install in them justice so they will do all things right.

To make men believe all women and men are equal,

If they don’t, devastating wars will always be the sequel.

Many of man’s problems are created by men’s greed,

They care not for those they trample on to succeed.

I would place more power on the gentler female,

Their ambitions on others do not wish to impale.

Men must be competitive, that is the name of the game,

They must be strong so evil they can overcome and tame.

In one day to install love kindness, justice and tolerance

Into mankind, not even God Almighty would stand a chance.

God has taken a long time to create this world this far,

It is still not perfect even with his miraculous star.

Proud to Be British

I will tell you a story which in essence is true,
It is a trifle long, I hope it will please you.
I was going to Cyprus to enjoy my holiday,
I sat in my seat, I was flying with B.A.
A moment later ten  British Army youngsters surrounded me,
They were flying to Cyprus on a training schedule you see.
They were on their way to fight in Afghanistan,
In three weeks’ time they would be fighting in that foreign land.
All were just eighteen, never been to war before,
They all knew in Afghanistan hell could be the score.
The stewardess came round taking orders for lunch,
I ordered mine, I was on holiday, I fancied a tasty brunch.
The young soldiers all broke, said” Not today thank you,
We will wait till we get to our barracks for our next brew”.
That could be at least another six hours to go,
Young hungry soldiers would not like that we all know.
I got up and walked to the back of the plane,
Gave the stewardess a fifty pound note and to explain,
That was for the soldiers to get lunch and coffee.
She replied” God bless you sir, I wish I could give it to them free”
When our brave boys knew what I had done,
The smiles on their faces, their thanks , cheered everyone.
After the meal the captain came down the aisle to talk to me,
He boomed out” I have come to thank you for your generosity,
In supporting our brave soldiers in their hour of need,
An army marches on its stomach , you certainly did succeed”
The captain called for three cheers, it made my heart swell,
Someday this story to my grandchildren I will tell.
When I went to the toilet a passenger took my hand,
Said” Here’s  £25 I would like to join you, hope you understand”
For the rest of the flight the passengers treated me like a king,
Donations flowed in, I had £200 before the plane started its landing.
The passengers appreciated our soldiers were putting their lives on the line,
Only fate would decide who would die, be injured, or come home fine.
I handed the money over to the corporal in charge and said,
“Spend it gentlemen, enjoy yourselves while you are alive not dead”
There was a tear in his eye when he slowly replied,
“It is not the money but you care is what counts,
That our lives mean so much to you is of paramount.
What our future is on the front line none of us know,
But this day we will not forget, “ We are proud to be British and you support today sets our hearts aglow”

I am in love

My heart is yours,

My love I cannot deny.

“Yes I am a lucky man,”

From the roof tops I cry.

I look into your eyes,

I hold your hand,

My heart beats with joy,

I feel simply grand.

I see your smile,

It brings me delight,

I hear your voice,

The world is bright.

When I hear you sing,

I walk on air,

When you kiss and caress,

Nothing else can compare.

I am in love, I am in love,

I know you love me.

When we are wed, become one,

I will be blessed with ecstasy.

I walk and dance with joy and pride,

Knowing you will be forever be my bride.

Ladies Beware

Husbands are like fires, you don’t let the flame go out.
Or one morning you will wake up and they will not be about.
Mother Nature ordains a lady will catch her man,
A man is born to succumb to the love and sex of a woman.

A man’s ego lets him think he is leading the lover’s race,
The lady knows she will decide if he stays at her base.
A lady must remember when she set him on fire,
To keep him she must frequently stoke his desire.

Ladies want to be attractive and retain their youth,
The man has a roving eye and that is the truth.
A woman’s first love is her family, that is the name of the game,
Some men are passionate all their lives without shame.

Some ladies in their marital life give much more than they receive,
It is the harmony of their family life they achieve.
So ladies always keep your man happy, especially in bed,
Otherwise another will entice him into her homestead.

This is going on all the time, solicitors will tell you with glee,
Because of infidelity in marriage they charge a huge fee.
So ladies make that extra effort and keep your man content,
Keep away from divorce, it is a soul destroying event.

Author Notes

One of my fans asked me to write on divorce. She seemed pleased with it, I hope you will be too

A Lonely Widow’s Plea.


I want to be wanted,

I am so alone.

I want to be loved,

Someone to hold my hand.

Somebody to cook and shop for,

Somebody to do the garden,

Share morning coffee with me.

I want someone to talk to,

Watch the films on T.V. with.

Someone to argue about holidays,

To take me out for a dinner or dance.

To help with the crossword,

And the other puzzles too.

I want to share his opinion and discuss,

I want his advice when a problem pops up,

I want some one to share my sorrow and joy,

I want someone to love, make life worth living.

I want to feel his caress, his passion,

Letting me know sex has not gone out of fashion.

I want a friend, a lover, a companion,

Someone to touch, someone who will love me.

I have only been widowed for over a year,

It was after I lost Ted I realised he was such a dear.

I thought I could not ever love another man,

Living like this I know I will, I must and I can.

I have signed on to an agency, place ad. in paper,

Feel like a young filly going on a caper.

Sitting at home, moping, will not solve my problem,

I have to get up and go and find a new companion.

If you know of any man who is suitable for me,

Love to meet him now I am free.



Authors notes:

I read an article in the national press that loneliness has becomes the third largest killer in this country.

Keep in touch with the elderly and encourage. If you are old keep in contact always with a smile and a thank you.



My Day with Mother Nature


Today is a beautiful warm summer’s day.

Summer this year has been dull wet and grey.

To date this year we have endured much rain,

Flooding has created havoc, misery and strain.


The rain has put our streams and rivers into full flow,

Induced weeds, grass and unwanted shrubbery which grow.

It has given our rural countryside a covering of lush green, 

Some of our elders have said it is the greenest they have  seen.


I shall cycle to my friend’s farm and arrive early morn,

I shall start my days walk prompt at early dawn.

I will walk down the valley and cross the stream,

In the autumn these shallow waters with fish team.


I will continue to stroll over gorse and common land,

When I reach Richmond Hill I shall rest as planned.

If the sun is hot I will sit under the old oak tree,

From that view point many a mile I can see.


The gorse lands glint covered with breath taking purple and blue,

Rabbits flit and hop in scores, here there is always a goodly crew.

I watch a kestrel cycling and wheeling high in the sky,

With this abundance of prey he was not going to pass by.


To take back one of the rabbits to his nest in the nearby cliff.     

He was not in hurry, he was content to cruise and drift.

I spy a vixen with her precious tribe of three,

She is moving her cubs with caution and alacrity.


She does not want to be exposed to the flying death above,

Suddenly she goes to ground with all her love.

The kestrel strikes, another baby rabbit will no longer be a lure,

For this process of life the prey will always have to endure.


I have five hours left to get back to my evening meal.

I feel the freshness, the freedom, the touch of Mother Nature with zeal.

As I turn homeward bound a flock of geese fly over me,

In their elegant and strong famous flying vee.


As I stroll back the sunset is beginning to shape my heart swells,

It’s beauty, it’s calmness, it’s serenity puts me under her spells.

The evening hazes are slowly turning into the darkness of night,

When the moon and stars will comfort the world with their delight.


I reach my farmhouse,  tonight will be my home of rest,

I have has a wonderful day enjoying nature and the natural world at its very best.













Authors notes:                                     

I have just returned from a lovely holiday spent in the Isle of Man.

It is a beautiful little Island with so much beautiful country side and scenic views both rural and coastal, this is another poem of mine covering one of my many walks on the island.

A Challenge

( A challenge)

Key words are set out below which play an important part on in keeping a marriage happy. When you have read this list, evaluate in your own mind, add or replace words of your own to improve it.

Type your list out and send it to me and the best three replies will receive a free copy of “How to become happy and make others happy too” The winning replies will be published in the next book being published on this subject. This offer is open till November 30th 2012. Terrygodwin@talktalk.net www.thelaughingpoet.co.uk


Key words



Adore, appreciate, admire.

Beguile, bewitch, beauty.

Cherish, cuddle, caress.

Desire, delight, dare.

Extol, express, elucidate.

Favour, foster, father.

Give, gorgeous, generous.

Happiness, heaven, hope.

Inspiration, insight, insure.

Joy , jubilation, jest.

Kindness, kin, kiss.

Love, long, languish.

Mature, mother, motherhood.

Nature, nice, nectar.

Obey, observe, order.

Paternity, praise, patience .

Qualify, quantify, question.

Sing, serene, submit.

Treasure, treat, talk.

Union, uphold, understand.

Value, venerate, vanity.

Wonder, woo, worship.

X=kiss, x=kiss. X=kiss.

You, yearn, your.

Zeal, zest. Zealot.