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I had a dream…

I dreamt I had a lover, who was rapturous over me,
That she was as passionate as a woman can be.
She was my woman, I was her man,
We would make love as often as we can.

After the fires of passion have cooled down,
We would embrace and sleep in the night’s gentle gown.
In the morning when we are awake,
Our passions we would again slake.

In the day, hand in hand, we will stroll through our beautiful countryside,
Take a rest, relax and sit by an enchanting river side.
We would plan to be always together,
Our love would bond us for ever and ever.

I had a dream, is this how love and the world should be,
If so dear lord, please let it happen quickly to me.


I look into his eyes, they hold me spellbound,
He takes my hand, in love I feel forever bound.
In his presence I feel I am walking on air,
Every matter in my heart to my love I would declare.

I look into his eyes, they are gentle and kind,
They afford me comfort, happiness, peace of mind.
I have loved before but nothing as wonderful as this,
I now walk in the Garden of Eden where every thing is bliss.

I look into his eyes, they are blue and strong,
I know in his caressing arms I belong.
When I am with my love my heart is always on song.
The world is ours, nothing between us will ever go wrong.

I look into his eyes and feel wondrously happy
I know we are bound yet I feel excitingly free.
I look into his eyes, I feel I am such a lucky woman
I will love and care for him as only a woman in love can.

I look into his eyes and wonder why the world cannot be like this
Why all the problems and miseries cannot be solved with a single kiss.
At night we sleep, wrapped up in each other’s arms and dream
That our love for each other will never be dull, but always gleam.

I want to be wanted

I want to be wanted, to be caressed by a man,
I am only twenty six, in my heart I feel a lonely woman.
I want a partner, a companion, a lover, a friend,
I want someone to whom my love letters I can send.

I dream of an Adonis, who is tall dark and handsome,
I am a woman on fire, can that be so wrong.
I want to wanted by a man who wishes to mate,
To be the proud father of our children, that would be great.

I want a man who will kiss and fondle me in bed that would be fun.
I pray I will not become a cold and lonely nun.
I know there is a man out there, who wants me,
I want you too, please come quickly and join me for tea.


Yes I admit I always wanted a man by my side,
One full of passion and not to be denied.
At twenty one I married Ted, he was a lad,
In bed it was the best times we ever had.

Four times a week he would come on fire,
I responded— we never seemed to tire.
For twenty years we were a pair, I was so happy,
Then suddenly he left, he must have got tired of me.

Still I had a good figure and a becoming smile,
I always knew how a man to beguile.
The house was mine, I had a good job too,
I could choose my lovers which I always do.

When I wanted a change, they went without any ado,
I didn’t have any children, though I fancied one or two.
Doctor said I was infertile, that proved true,
That made it easier to love and change lovers when I wanted to.

Since twenty one I have enjoyed life in a way many would say was bad,
I know I have made many men happy of that I am glad.
I enjoy the thrill of a passionate man wanting me,
Satisfying our sexual needs as nature intended it to be.

When I look back at life, I would not have changed it at all,
I suppose I was lucky not to have suffered any fall.
Still the pace has slowed down quite a bit, it’s good to be alive,
I still enjoy a man’s attention even though I am eighty five.

The journey of life

All life is a journey into the unknown,
Wise men tell you do not travel alone.
Think positive when you move ahead. Are you a leader, or will you be led?
Will you be cautious or will you be bold?
Will you make things happen, or put them on hold?
Will you be a free thinker or follow the rule?
Will you love, be kind, or just cruel?
Will you realise what you give,
the world will give back?
Will you try hard, or let others carry you and slack?
Will you smile, praise, encourage, give others their due?
When you give your bond, will you always remain true?
Will you help to make the world a happier place?
Help to overcome misery with a smiling face.
Will you stop or start the hell of war?
Help the needy, teach the ignorant, and feed the poor.
You only have one life, live it to the full,
Respect all living things and always be hopeful.
The span of human life is very short indeed,
Only the world will tell you if you succeed.
Which ever path you take, take great care,
Only loved ones, true friends will protect your welfare.
When your journey is done, and you are laid to rest,
Die happy in the knowledge you gave of your best.
How many will mourn you will be the acid test,
Who you touched and felt were blest.

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