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The Laughing Poet

For the last four years I have given public readings of my rhyming poetry to clubs and organisations who require a speaker to give them an hour of humour and romance. My book ” The Laughing Poet” contains poems that will make most people laugh. I can speak at any time of the day and evening. My basic fee is £30 +petrol. For audiences over 35 I will quote. I will fill in when a speaker is unable to come, subject to me not reading on the day else where.

My latest book called ” How to become happy and make others happy too”. I now give readings on that topic. My short version I can give in an hour. I can spread it to two hours or more making a workshop presentation , which has been well received by carers groups and groups of volenteers who help others.It is so important for helpers to be happy and making others happy too. It is not difficult, and what I present has been successful for centuries.

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